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Sammy Gold


I joined Purple Hands because it is an organization that works to tackle housing poverty through various approaches while still working to understand the complexities and challenges surrounding that. I want to be able to help in a way that really helps others, rather than doing what we feel is helpful, which Purple Hands is trying to achieve. I also feel it provides an opportunity to educate the student body through various approaches to ideally raise as much awareness and support as we can

Natasha Steele

VP Events

 I joined Purple Hands because it is an organization that works towards fighting issues that I really value. With such a personal connection to the issues we tackle, I want to help communities that need it most and help the London community understand the complexities of the issues of homelessness and poverty.


Tien Nguyen

VP Circles

I joined Purple Hands in order to engage with like-minded individuals and give myself the platform to give back to the city, one that is going to do so much for me over the next few years. In my pursuit for higher education, I really found myself wanting to familiarize myself with and help the London community around me. I don't believe there is a better place to find that balance than at Purple Hands. 

VP Social Media

Visha Patel

I wanted to join Purple Hands because I wished to become more involved in helping the London community. Moving to a new city for school was challenging so joining Purple hands helped me become more active in this city I now call my home. This is a great initiative with visions that align with mine so I wanted to participate and help in any way I could to create a positive change in the community. 

HengLiang Wu

VP Editorial

I joined Purple Hands three years ago after learning of the great work done at the organization to help raise awareness and create an impact within our local communities here in London regarding homelessness. I have since forged many unforgettable connections and experiences that helped me foster a more mature and nuanced outlook on social advocacy.

Ginnian Leung

VP Finance + Fundraising

I joined Purple Hands last year because I wanted the chance to connect with the London community. The diverse initiatives Purple Hands offers became invaluable experiences as I learned more about the nuances surrounding the issue of homelessness. Since then, I decided to take this opportunity to continue learning and to help amplify the voices of the margnialized.  

Sarah Shelley

AVP Charity Events

I joined Purple Hands because I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and get more involved in the Western University and London communities. In my time on Purple Hands, I have learned so much about poverty and homelessness that has helped me become more passionate about the issues within our community. I'd love to continue working with marginalized communities to provide support for them, a helping hand and a platform for them to share their voice. 

Nusaibah Tahsin

AVP Advocacy

I joined Purple Hands not only to further educate myself on the complexities associated with housing poverty but also to help create a platform for the homeless communities to voice their opinions. I want to directly work with people in poverty to learn about the challenges they face. Taking this knowledge with me, I would like to bring these concerns to the attention of government officials so that we can take active steps to resolve various aspects of housing poverty.

Esha Chopra

AVP Education Events

I joined Purple Hands because I really resonated with the organization's mission of supporting vulnerable individuals in the London community. I feel that there is a huge disconnect in community support towards individuals experiencing homelessness which causes greater stigma and harm towards marginalized individuals. Purple Hands is a great way for me to use my privilege to be an ally as well as helping educate other students on the issues impacting individuals within the city.


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