Nice to Meet You!

Sammy Gold


I joined Purple Hands because it is an organization that works to tackle housing poverty through various approaches while still working to understand the complexities and challenges surrounding that. I want to be able to help in a way that really helps others, rather than doing what we feel is helpful, which Purple Hands is trying to achieve. I also feel it provides an opportunity to educate the student body through various approaches to ideally raise as much awareness and support as we can

Elise Woodward

VP Education

 I joined purple hands to not only continue my learning journey, but to help others with theirs as well. Housing poverty is such a complicated issue that is interwoven with many biases, and I'm just beginning to understand the complexity. I think the goal of the Purple Hands education team is to bring that awareness to the student body in an engaging way

Khadija Malik

VP Circles


After my second year I was invited by one of my friends to help out with Circles. I went in thinking it would be a short term volunteering opportunity and now have been working with Purple Hands for years. I continued working with Purple Hands because it was a student led organization in which the students recognize the privileged position they’re in and use it to raise awareness and advocate for structural change to support those experiencing homelessness.


VP Social Media

Alyssa Campana

I joined Purple Hands to make a difference in the London community by volunteering with local organizations and educating myself and those around me on the realities of homelessness in London.


HengLiang Wu

VP Editorial

I joined Purple Hands two years ago after learning of the great work done at the organization to help raise awareness and create an impact within our local communities here in London regarding homelessness. I have since forged many unforgettable connections and experiences that helped me foster a more mature and nuanced outlook on social advocacy.


Catherine Qi

VP Finance + Outreach

Throughout high school, I was highly involved in my school’s charity initiatives, and I found advocacy and education regarding homelessness particularly fulfilling. When I discovered Purple Hands in my second year at Western, I sought the opportunity to apply my passion for supporting the underprivileged to make a tangible difference in the London community. 


Mehvish Jamal

VP Events

Purple Hands was one of the first few clubs I saw that actively gave back to their community and focused on topics we often taboo as a society. I instantly knew that this club was where I could help amplify the voices of the marginalized and where I can evolve into an individual focused on bettering their community.